Community & Family Engagement

The Fairport Central School District has actively engaged with educators, administrators, students, families, community members, state, county, and local health care experts, and community agencies in the development of the reopening plan. In addition to this newly created school reopening website, the district sends weekly communication to staff and families from the FCSD Superintendent regarding reopening updates. Feedback was elicited in a variety of ways, including; surveys, student panels, staff meetings, and community based forums. These have taken place in a both in-person and online. The district also responds to staff and community information requests.

In accordance with CDC and NYSED guidelines, protocols have been established in collaboration with a variety of district stakeholders to ensure clear instructions, training sessions, and signage for all FCSD buildings. Such communication will take place through email, phone and text messages, weekly staff communication, the FCSD website, videos, and social media.

The Fairport Central School District will provide training for students that ensures that new COVID-19 protocols are safely and correctly followed. These protocols include but are not limited to hand hygiene, proper face covering wearing, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene. Such training may take place in-person and/or through online sessions.

FCSD will use CDC and DOH provided information to communicate PPE expectations with all district stakeholders (signage throughout district buildings, emails, phone messages and text messages, social media, and district website).

FCSD continues to partner with the YMCA to provide before and after school childcare and is also developing additional childcare opportunities with community based organizations. These additional opportunities will be posted to this website as plans are finalized.

The FCSD’s goal is to educate the whole child, which requires strong communication and family engagement by all families. To do this we recognize that we need to provide access to information produced by the district in multiple languages. Currently, we communicate directly with families in real time using Talking Points (text) or Propio (phone) software. Additionally, when sharing district-wide communication and information, we use translation in written or verbal form. Our registration packet is available in four different languages to assist families as they transition to Fairport Schools. Signage related to COVID-19 precautions will be provided in multiple languages, ie Hand washing/Sanitizing, 6 foot distancing etc.

The FCSD is implementing ParentSquare as a central communication platform for all instructional, operational and emergency communication needs, available in multiple formats App, email, text messaging and voice. This platform will allow any family to view all content in their native language. Parents/Guardians accessing the website have the capability to select translation via Google Translate (109 languages available).

Additionally, The FCSD Equity and Access Liaison spearheads a team of educators who partner with community organizations, such as Learning Links, to provide direct, personal outreach to families. Through personal phone calls and meetings the team ensures families are provided with information in their home language, as well as assistance in obtaining support to meet individual family needs.