Students will be provided transportation to in-person instruction. Students must wear a mask on a school bus if they are physically able to do so. If they cannot tolerate a mask with confirmation by their primary care physician, social distancing accommodations will be made.

Students who do not have a mask WILL NOT BE DENIED transportation. The district will make masks available to those students who may not have one. Buses will not utilize or offer hand sanitizer due to its combustible composition.

The Fairport Special Education Department will collaborate with the Transportation Department in order to ensure that individualized student needs are met and that appropriate transportation accommodations are put in place connected to the respective student’s IEP and NYSED guidance.

Pupil transportation will be provided to nonpublic, parochial, private, charter schools, as well as students whose Individualized Education Program have placed them out of district. Students will follow the schedule of their school of attendance.

Students will be trained on the proper use and importance of PPE and the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in their school, through PBIS activities and lessons and classroom procedures. Frequent reminders will occur on the school bus, and in addition to the three mandated safety drills.

Students will be trained on the importance and definition of social distancing, and will be alerted to the social distancing signage throughout the building. Training will occur through PBIS activities and lessons as well as classroom procedures. Social distancing will also be reinforced on the school bus and during the three mandated safety drills as periodic reminders.


The Fairport CSD will provide training to transportation staff (drivers, monitors, attendants, mechanics and cleaners) and provide periodic refreshers on the proper use of personal protective equipment, proper use of social distancing. and the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will be provided to transportation personnel. Such trainings may take place through in-person and/or online sessions.

All transportation staff shall perform an online self-assessment survey prior to arriving at work each day they are scheduled to work.

The New York State Education Department requires that school bus drivers, monitors, attendants and mechanics must wear a face covering. Drivers, monitors and attendants who must have direct physical contact with a child will wear gloves. The district will supply necessary PPE for transportation staff.

The District will provide Alcohol-based Hand-Rub sanitizer in transportation locations such as dispatch offices, employee lunch/break rooms and/or bus garages and/or install dispensers in accordance with FCNYS 2020 Section 5705.5. School bus drivers, monitors, and attendants will not be permitted to carry personal hand sanitizer.

The Fairport CSD will clean all buses after runs in accordance with CDC and DOH guidelines. Buses will be cleaned throughout the day and disinfected at least once daily.