English as a new Language

Students eligible for services will continue to be provided the appropriate units of study in all three instructional models; in-person, hybrid or virtual, based on the most recently measured English language proficiency. New entrants who do not have a current proficiency level will be given the NYSITELL to determine appropriate placement. Stand-alone and integrated ENL services will be available to students in both in-person and hybrid instruction.

K-8 Units of Study

9-12 Units of Study

To the greatest degree possible, those services will continue to be provided at the same level of frequency and intensity in the virtual environment as they are provided when we are present in the school buildings. Small group, synchronous learning experiences are the preferred mode of delivery for the majority of supplemental services.

ENL teachers are expected to continue to collaborate with their general education colleagues and provide co-teaching and/or consultant teaching services in the virtual environment as they do in person. In some cases, there may be student privacy issues which require us to modify the delivery of services in the virtual environment.

Administrators have coordinated ENL teachers to resume the ELL identification process as of July, 2020.

ENL Teachers and administrators who are conducting in-person initial assessment of new ELL students will follow the same District guidelines as those being followed by school psychologists and other related service providers who conduct individual assessments. The guidelines include appropriate PPE, social distancing, and conducting evaluations in large, well-ventilated spaces.

A team of ENL teachers and administrators will meet to determine the best instruments/methods to use to measure the proficiency levels and progress of ELLs. Professional Learning will be offered to teachers and administrators on best practices in the use of technology and virtual learning for ELLs, such as, Instruction on apps and translation tools to communicate with families.

The FCSD’s goal is to educate the whole child, which requires strong communication and family engagement. To do this we recognize that we need to provide access to information produced by the district in multiple languages. Currently, we communicate directly with families in real time using Talking Points (text) or Proprio (phone) software. Additionally, when sharing district-wide communication and information, we use translation in written or verbal form. Our registration packet is available in four different languages to assist families as they transition to Fairport Schools. Signage related to COVID-19 precautions will be provided in multiple languages, ie Hand washing/Sanitizing, 6 foot distancing etc.

Further, the FCSD is implementing Parentsquare as a central communication platform for all instructional, operational and emergency communication needs, available in multiple formats App,email, text messaging and voice. This platform will allow any families to view all content in their native language.