Special Education

Students with disabilities will be provided services on a continuum that is commensurate with their IEP. The district will utilize a sliding scale that affords students instruction and support with the latitude to adjust that support as needed.

All IEP modifications, accommodations, supplementary aids and services, and technology will be provided to students in order to meet their unique disability related needs through collaboration with our in-district providers and our out of district special education teams as they relate to the respective models of instruction (in-person, virtual or hybrid). We will work to mirror services indicated on the IEP as closely as possible while also adhering to the NYSED guidance.

Contact information here linked, includes building and district level contact information in support of parent questions, concerns and problem-solving tied to individualized student needs related to the CSE/CPSE process.

Frequency and duration of services and supports are will be developed with collaboration with parents outlined for in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid models of instruction in order to align with the student’s IEP as closely as possible while following the NYSED guidance. Plans will delineate Least Restrictive Environment for programming and related services across the continuum of special education with respect to in-person, virtual and hybrid models of instruction. Students with significant needs defined by LRE/programming, such as 12:1:4 (District Based),12:1+1 ,15:1, 8:1:3, and students working toward SACC or CDOS may receive instruction exceeding that of other less restrictive programming.

The implementation plan for special education services and the contact information list will be provided to parents/guardians via a variety of forms, such as web-based, social media, traditional mailings. These documents will also be translated to the parents’/guardians’ preferred language.

Collaboration and communication will continue with all providers, both in-district and out-of-district in regards to the provision of services, progress monitoring towards individual education program goals, and the sharing of resources. All documents related to explanation of programming and delivery of services will be shared with providers and members of the CPSE/CSE.

Consistent parent communication logs, student attendance records, and progress monitoring measures will be used to monitor student engagement, progress, and growth.