The Fairport CSD has communicated with all district stakeholders its reopening plan that describes the school schedule planned for implementation at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The following are contingent scheduling models the District is planning for:

The K-12, Hybrid Instructional Model divides students into two cohorts to decrease density in our buildings and allows us to adhere to the health and safety guidelines.

  • Cohorts meet in-person two days per week (Mondays/Thursdays or Tuesdays/Fridays ) with virtual and or independent work on the opposing days.

  • Students would then meet virtually on Wednesdays as a whole class community to receive instruction and direction from the classroom teacher.

  • A continuum of in-person instruction will be applied to students in need of more extensive support, including students with individualized plans (ie. IEP, 504, ENL).

Tentative Timelines:

    • Elementary administrators, K-5, anticipate completing and communicating their hybrid classroom placements by August 7 with consideration of families with multiple school-age children.

    • Secondary administrators, 6-12, are striving to have class assignments and rosters out to students by August 14 with consideration of families with multiple school-age children.


All schools in New York State are required to enter attendance on a daily basis. In Fairport, when students are in class, this practice will continue using Schooltool. When students are learning from home on alternate days, it becomes challenging to implement a reliable, accurate method to track attendance. We recognize that for some students and families, the best time for completing at home learning may even take place outside of the actual school day. For attendance purposes, the default for students working from home will be that they are present. On days when parents know that their child will not be able to work from home for any reason, it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school’s attendance office as soon as possible so that attendance can be rectified. Likewise, if a teacher observes that a student has not participated in at home learning, that student’s attendance can be rectified as absent on a class by class basis. Again, unless rectified, the default will be present for at home learning.

For students enrolled exclusively in the all virtual learning option, attendance will be coordinated with each Fairport home school on a daily basis. For example, a Fairport student attending an all virtual BOCES program will have attendance taken within his or her program and the attendance records will be shared with the student’s Fairport home school.

School personnel will be tracking attendance on a regular basis and will remain committed to re-engaging students in the educational process. Similar to previous years, we have attendance thresholds in place that will help identify students at risk of chronic absenteeism. We recognize that each case is different and that circumstances are complicated by our current situation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to collaborating with students and families to meet their needs and support them in any way possible.