Work submitted for grading may take the form of (but is not limited to) writing pieces, responses to an online assessment (via FORMS, for example), the submission of a video recording, audio recording or photo of student work, a one-on-one conversation between student and teacher, or any other means deemed acceptable by the teacher.

During any period of virtual learning, student work will continue to be graded, in keeping with the FCSD and/or department Grading Philosophy and associated grading practices.

Effective, growth-producing feedback is necessary in order for learning to take place. As such, all teachers will be expected to provide students with regular feedback on their learning as it relates to progress towards established learning targets. Our common technology platforms provide multiple opportunities for feedback to be provided to students during the learning process. Feedback may be given in writing or through one-to-one conferencing with a student in the virtual learning environment. Teachers should also build in opportunities for students to be engaged in self-assessments as well as peer feedback to the extent this is possible in a virtual learning environment.