Screening and Diagnostic Assessment

All new entrants to the Fairport Central School District (FCSD) will receive a diagnostic screening assessment as soon as practicable, and by December 1st. School personnel will utilize existing assessment measures in order to determine the most appropriate placement for students as soon as possible.

The school district will adhere to the district’s Response to Intervention and Academic Intervention Services Comprehensive plan to perform benchmark screening that will inform instruction and intervention decisions.

Common assessments will be administered, where possible and practicable, in courses to ensure equitable assessment opportunities and subsequent interventions for students as soon as possible, in order to identify gaps that may have occurred during the virtual learning period.

Ongoing Assessment

Formative assessments and summative assessments will be used, as appropriate, in the in-person, hybrid, or remote learning environment. Teachers may/will need to modify the format and/or content of some of their assessments for the various models of instruction. While some assessments are designed to be collaborative, the teacher will designate and communicate assessments that are intended to be completed independently in order to assess learning and growth toward the learning standards. Regardless of the environment in which an assessment is administered, either in school or virtually, students are expected to adhere to the academic expectations (p. 20) set forth in the FCSD Code of Conduct guidelines of academic integrity.

During any period of remote learning student work will continue to be graded in keeping with FCSD teacher grading practices. The collection of work that occurs during a virtual learning period may include electronic submission, such as through Google Classroom, and may take many forms, such as a Google Doc, Google Forms, photos of student work, or any other means deemed appropriate by the teacher.

Any assessment administered to students should be thoughtfully developed and intended to provide information to the teacher to drive informed decision making about future instructional delivery. Assessments should focus on meaningful learning experiences that target the learning standards of the course. Assessments, including the delivery mode of the assessment, should be developmentally appropriate for the grade level. Students should be encouraged to engage in self-assessment of learning tasks and utilize rubrics to rate their performance when appropriate.